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How to find the right volunteer opportunity

A lot of seniors are engaging in volunteer activities since they understand its numerous benefits. Finding the best organization that matches your skill and interest is, however, not easy. You can simplify your search by learning the right techniques and tools to use. If you are planning to offer voluntary services, you should know that you are not alone. Statistics reveal that millions of American citizens volunteer every year at different institutions, including non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, and churches.

You can make your search for the right volunteer opportunity easy by using the following. Find out the main reason why you want to volunteer. People do it for different reasons. Some people volunteer since they like interacting with others while others take up volunteer tasks to give back to their community. Understanding your true purpose for volunteering can help you find happiness in it.

Find out what you can offer. Most of the non-profit organizations look for volunteers that can offer services in particular fields such as coaching, mentoring, web design, marketing, or accounting. Before you start looking for the right place to volunteer, you should know what you are good at. The specific skills that you possess can determine how good you can offer volunteer services to the community.

Apart from your skills, you should also assess your personality as you look at volunteer opportunities. You can enjoy your work if you are good at connecting with people. You should also possess other qualities such as commitment and work ethic for you to benefit from your volunteer role. A good volunteer is also expected to show compassion and empathy for others.

Your commitment should also be In line with the need. You have to be willing to spend most of your time at your job helping others. Though short term volunteer jobs exist, most of the non-profits organizations look for people who are committed to working with them for years. You should, therefore, evaluate the time you have for the cause for you to choose the right volunteer opportunity. Be realistic regarding how available you are. There is no need of looking for a full-time commitment if you already have another job. You may not be able to balance the two.

You can then use your network to find an excellent opportunity. For instance, a friend may recommend a good non-profit organization such as Hoffman Estates Jaycees to volunteer with. You should also consider extending your search online or using faith-based networks to find the right volunteer opportunity. If you want to offer a specific skill, look for websites which advertise skill-based volunteering programs located in different regions. Ensure you understand the mission of an organization before joining.

Consider places that have an interview vetting process. This allows you to gauge if the opportunity is the right fit before you can fully commit. Once you find the right one, remember to take baby steps and take it as a learning experience. If it is you are a first-time volunteer, you should start with a short term project.