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Great community service projects you should be involved in

Do you have some extra time to spare? Get involved in community service and change the lives of others. Apart from helping others, it is an excellent way for you to meet people with similar interests and interact more. You not only get friends from the experience but also mentors and professionals who can add significant value to your life. Spending time serving your community not only builds your resume but also gives you an excellent opportunity to gain new skills.

It also allows you to use your talent to help those in need in your society. You end up giving so much and gaining more in return. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of the community service projects you can engage in. Start by collecting food. Your local food bank can give you more information regarding a food drive. They can also avail some of the materials you need for this project. Go through your neighborhood as you encourage everyone to donate some food items that you can distribute to the less fortunate. Since people love incentives, consider offering prizes to anyone who donates food for your food drive project.

You can also help in the conservation of the environment by establishing a recycling program. Collect items that can be recycled and look for ways to convert them into useful products. For instance, plastic bottles that people discard can be used to make numerous items. Though this project may require some capital, it is worth it since it helps you reduce waste in the environment.

If you are looking to bond with most of your community members, you should consider starting a community garden. This not only helps you interact with others but also leads to the provision of healthy food. You can get the support of a sponsor to establish the community garden. Start with a garden for kids so that you can help them learn more about gardening.

Apart from recycling items, you can also come up with a general community cleanup project. This can help you keep your neighborhood clean as you encourage others to follow your example. Consider setting bins at different locations and encourage people to use them instead of discarding trash anywhere.

According to statistics, there is always someone in America that needs blood every two seconds Help save the lives of patients by getting involved in a blood drive project. You can also be part of a neighborhood watch group. Here, you can discuss some of the major concerns affecting your neighborhood and brainstorm solutions to problems.

You should also volunteer with an organization such as Hoffman Estates Jaycees. This is a rewarding experience which brings people from different regions together. If you are gifted in sports or music, you can help young ones interested in such activities. For instance, become a coach of a local youth team or give free music lessons to young ones who cannot afford it.